About Us

Sappho Style started in January 2017 as a passion for fashion and creativity. Based out of Adelaide, South Australia, owners Jess and Ryan started with an idea to create their online business which caters for all types of women and makes them feel beautiful.

The first few months were not easy with a huge learning curve ahead; however Jess and Ryan have put in the time to make Sappho Style what it is today. Each day we are growing and receiving positive feedback from returning customers. This is not to say we have stopped; we are constantly improving our services, website and stock selection day on day and have our goals and vision of where we want to reach as small business owners.

Personally, Jess and Ryan can be seen featured in our Instagram snaps along with pooch Benji and cat Lily. We were married in November 2018 at a beautiful winery in the Adelaide Hills. This is us all dressed up at our engagement party :)

A commonly asked question is where did we come up with the name? Sappho was an archaic Greek poet who was best known for her poetry on love and empowerment. Many readers and scholars see Sappho as a feminist heroine or a gay role model; or both! Little is known of Sappho’s life which makes her mysterious and an interesting female figure in history.

“Someone in some future time will think of us”
“Love shook my heart, Like the wind on the mountain, Troubling the oak-trees”

At any time please email us and give us your feedback on how we can ensure we meet your needs.